Sustainability in our Midwifery Practice

Hospitals use massive amounts of plastic, paper, laundry and toxic cleaners for every birth.

Even birth centers use large amounts of laundry, paper, and plastic, because everything must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each woman giving birth there.

At home, women are in their natural environment and are immune to the community of micro-organisms where they live. Besides lowering the risk of infection, giving birth at home is the most sustainable option for the environment.

Womancare Midwifery Center is dedicated to helping our community become more sustainable:

  • There is a small box of birth supplies with some paper products for the birth, just enough for one small bag of trash.
  • We wash your linens and towels used during the birth using cold water and your biodegradable soap and hydrogen peroxide, which is non-toxic.
  • We use electronic health records which vastly eliminates most paper and ink usage and waste.
  • We use recycled paper products when paper is necessary.
  • We recycle all recyclable materials in our office, including finely shredded paper.
  • We use higher efficiency, lower energy light bulbs, printers, hot water heater and other equipment.
  • We strive to use non-toxic cleaners as much as possible.